In addition to the International Exhibition with works by 52 artists, we highlight the exhibitions: Rewind History – Extension of Kaunas Biennial Textile ’11 which showed original pieces of textile art, created by several Lithuanian artists, from the reproduction of classic works; and the exhibition on Gisela Santi, an artist of Italian origin who lived most of his life in Portuguese territory. His contribution was of great importance for the flourishing of contemporary textile art in Portugal.
The program also included two artistic residencies – In Factory and Bordado de Guimarães. The In Factory took place in two textile companies in the region: textile designer Ernesta Dikinytè (Lithuania) developed the Invisible People project at Pereira da Cunha SA and Francesca Piñol (Spain), a graduate in anthropology and textile design, Blau “and” Cercle “in Sampedro. The artist Monika Järg (Estonia), in partnership with the artisans of the workshop, developed an installation that interlinked embroidery and wood in an innovative approach.

Also noteworthy for the exhibition is Fabril Archive, an archive of fabric samples produced by the Pereira da Cunha SA factory since 1936.
During Contextile 2012, the international conference “Contemporary Textile Art: Perspectives?” And the 4 Million performance, in which the textile element gained a new shape and life: Lithuanian dancers interacted on stage in an interdisciplinary show by the choreographer Né Barros (Porto ) and the plastic artist Patricija Gilytè (Kaunas).

Source: Contextile